Lushpin, Evgeny

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Eugene Lushpin Artist Evgeny Lushpin (Eugene Lushpin) was born in Moscow in 1966. Trained in the art of painting MGHPU them. G.S.Stroganova, Faculty of Art and Design and construction of the Moscow State Institute of Education correspondence, graphic arts department. Winner of the contest "Golden Brush". Permanent member of the international art fairs in Russia, the U.S., Norway. Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. His works are in the collection of the State Historical Museum, as well as in private collections in the United States, Europe and Russia. The permanent exhibition in the gallery "Art-Yar", Moscow. Lives and works in Moscow.

In his work, Eugene Lushpin be the best traditions of Russian realistic art, as well as Western European schools of painting. Eugene Lushpin inspiration derives from their favorite artists Piter Bruegel, Andrew Wyeth, Hieronymus Bosch and Edward Hopper, whose work, a flight of imagination, fantasy and the highest professional skills help the artist achieve in their individual work all the higher peaks. Currently the favorite subject is the urban landscape, which he wrote in a realistic manner, depicting the daily life of the city. Being a talented master of the landscape in which it is perfected, revealing a wealth of plastic material world and creating a unique mood, he creates the real world and the world of dreams at the same time. For all its truthfulness and reliability of the documentary of his urban landscapes can be and surreal images from dreams. Inspired by the works of contemporary urban look, be it Moscow, Amsterdam and Bruges, Evgeny Lushpin makes a fantastic, irrational features in the familiar world of familiar streets and courtyards. Characters paintings Lushpin drowning in lilac dusk rainy evening, but a bright red spot car, a poetic play of light urban windows, emphasize environmental rainy, foggy haze of the city. Refinement and virtuosity with which Lushpin depicts objects in his works of architecture, his sense of color and form earned him a well-deserved reputation as the professionals and art lovers from around the world.

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