Lovelace, Thomas Rivers

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Thomas Rivers Lovelace, an erstwhile advertising executive in his native Dallas, Texas, traded the "art of the deal" for the art of portraiture, specializing in dogs. Thomas' focus on the canine world was a natural transition for him. Having his work exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts and featured in national magazine and book publications, the work of Thomas Rivers Lovelace is meticulous in detail and composition. Lovelace and his wife, Mary Ann were avid collectors of English Country antiques, and made numerous journeys across the English Countryside in search of flea market finds and objects of imaginative whimsey. Charming treasures found along the way adorn each portrait as decorative background, creating the perfect juxtaposition of color, pattern and texture that are unique in their own right, yet never take away from the subject sitting so grand.

Thomas passed away in 2006, but thanks to his wife Mary Ann, and daughter Suzanne, his artwork continues to be discovered and shared through Lovelace Bloom. An accomplished painter herself, Mary Ann lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with her beloved whippet Pip - a true companion and best friend. Suzanne fervently believes that her father's works are far too unique and creative to gather dust behind closed doors. She has resurrected Thomas' works making them available to all. Through this process he remains a constant part of her life - a unique gift bestowed upon a daughter from a father. Suzanne and her husband Greg have teamed up to design new products for Lovelace Bloom and are adding to the line constantly. They also live in the mountains of Western North Carolina with their two children, two Whippets, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Sam.

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