How to Organize A Chart

Page 1 is listed at the top left of the first page. If you now look to the top right of the same page you will see (2). That is page 2 in parenthesis. This indicates that page 2, which usually is on the back of page 1, will be set to the right of page 1. Any page listed on any of the upcoming pages appearing in parenthesis will show is corresponding pages. So for instance you will see page 1 top left and page (2) top right then page (8) bottom left and page (9) bottom right.

Now if you flip this page over to see page 2, you will see at the top left and page (3) top right and page (10) bottom left and page (11) bottom right. This will continue through out the entire chart.

An easier way to see it is page 1-7 will be laid out one next to the other in order of appearance which will create a row. Once those pages are done then another row would be created pages 8-14 which if laid out under the first row would correspond to the row above and so on.
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