Aikin, Patricia

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Patricia Aikin has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil, often driving her mother crazy by drawing on everything she could. Her mother finally bought her some art supplies and she hasn't stopped since.
Her mother taught her to cross stitch at the young age of 8, and she made her first design (a unicorn) in 8th grade. To this day, she still loves unicorns.

Drawing has been a hobby for Patricia her entire life. She works primarily in Prismacolor pencils. When she begins a new drawing she posts a 'work in progress' album on her online feeds so people can see the entire process from the beginning to end.
Patricia's area of specialty is fantasy and she loves anything unusual, admiring her fellow artists that can create gothic style art (although she feels she doesn't have that cryptic of an imagination).
Patricia currently lives in Ohio, working as a nurse, admitting though she loves her job, she loves art more.

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