Crown Jewel Diamond Painting Canvases

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Listings are for pre-printed and custom blank canvases. Each are designed for SQUARE drills ONLY. Canvases are top of the line in quality and comprised of a linen/cotton blend, and you will have an option of hand poured or double sided tape (formulated for HAED) with a clear plastic film that is made just for HAED to protect your canvas.
Diamond Painting Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not add any other items to your order when you order Crown Jewel Canvases, since they are shipped in tubes it is difficult for us to add charts or other items. We also ask that you not purchase a service with your DP canvas since the order could be held up.

We do not provide the drills, but you can purchase from Cooper Diamond Arts (, Diamond Painting Drills ( or Diamond Drills USA ( or Jade's Gem Shop (100% resin for better sheen) ( all of which are located in the United States. We also provide a black and white or colored canvas, just choose from the options provided. Each canvas is wrapped around a pool noodle and shipped in a heavy duty tube. We also ship worldwide. We DO NOT recommend ironing due to the sealing process on the canvas.

We recommend Label Gems for labeling your drill containers, they are fabulous! Protection Status