Black Stallion

Price: $19.00 USD

Date Added: 12/27/2013 by Paula I Petersen
I had this in a kit that I'd ordered from another company, and only got so far with it, because somehow I'd miscounted somewhere along the way and it was too far to try to find where I'd messed up in order to fix it. So sadly, I had to put it away with a few of the other projects I had the same problem with. I'm hoping I won't have trouble with this one--seeing as you have to start at the top and work your way across, it may be easier to see a problem and fix it before it gets "unfixable". I have an interesting fact about this picture as well; I have a paperback version of "The Black Stallion" by Walter Farley that I'd gotten probably in 1980 or 1981, and this picture was used on the front cover. And yes, to this day, I still have that book. Protection Status